Last Day in Warsaw

  Our last day in Warsaw… When we got up the whole apartment was basically completely empty. Nothing was left, but a few backpacks, the food in the fridge, and the clothes we were about to put on. It was really sad. To start the morning exciting, and cheer ourselves up a bit we started our day in Costa Café or the Nero café — I honestly have no idea — where instead of coffee we drank chai latte. Sari did made me chai latte before, but since we don’t have either a printer nor the balls to print money we used cheep coffee and cheep chai thingy, which meant I was almost drinking something completely different. I absolutely loved the chai latte they gave me, so did Sari. Bummer, I wish I knew about this earlier. After our coffee break we packed everything and headed for the last shopping, we bought the little things that were absolutely needed for our successful trip home: bread, doughnuts, and the missing kinda beers. It was a successful trip. Then we drove home, prepared our meals for th

Last Night

  So, today/yesterday is/was our last day in Warsaw… There are a lot of emotions going on right now, as I’m laying in the bed staring at the empty wall that used to have pictures of us till the apartment was ours — actually I don’t know till when it is ours… Our contract ends on the 11 th   so does our Erasmus, but I don’t know if that means we could sleep here on the 11 th   or it’s like a hotel, where you have to leave the place by 1000 on the 11 th . This last one sounds the most realistic. Anyways onwards with the blog: the day before yesterday we’ve put a lot of stuff into the car, so the apartment was already emptier than it used to be. While Sari was packing our stuff I went to the national bank, because we have ripped a paper zloty, and allegedly the national bank could it change it only. The bank was around a 30 minutes walk, which was no biggie, however the same couldn’t be said of the line that was waiting to enter the bank. I was waiting in the line for 30 minutes when some

It Doesn’t Get Easier

  So, yesterday we continued our packing program, however before we got it done we had a little walk in the downtown — damn we really did that yesterday, I thought that happened the day before yesterday. So, as it turned out yesterday we had a pretty long day, haha. We started our day in the downtown, for a last big walk in the city. We walked pass the Saxon Garden, had our last walk at the university — which probably had more meaning to me since I was attending to classes at the main campus, then from there we went on a little souvenir shopping, then tried to return a ripped money, however they closed the bank right in front of us, so that’s still something we have to deal with. And they didn’t speak any English, only a dude helped us who was also waiting in the line. He was one of the greatest disappointments of yesterday. Dude was dressed as B-Rabbit from 8 mile road, acted like that too, but he also turned out to be one of the nicest dudes every, and he was a great helper to us and

One of the Last Days

  Yesterday was quite an eventful day. We’ve been to many places, we’ve been through many emotions. When we got up, that was exactly when the suffering started. We started packing all our thing into the suitcases we brought with us. It goes without saying that this was  not  our favorite thing to do. But we kept doing it till we didn’t got terribly sic and tried of it, so we had to stop. We got enough of packing just after 1400, which probably was the most convenient time for us to try the Etno Café right across the street — the street, a grassy area and another street, but you know what I meant, right? The place was pretty weird, they didn’t had the coffee which we ‘usually drink — yeah that’s how little I know and care about coffee, I don’t even know what we usually drink — however they had something similar which had a completely different name, it was like we would’ve asked for a banana, but they would’ve told us they didn’t have banana, but they do have cherries, and then they wou

Back in Lithuania

  After we got up in Riga we drove out of the city on some unusable roads which were two lane roads, then turned into four lane roads without changing size. It was pretty hectic, but we survived.  We continued our trip South till we reached Lithuania again. It was also great and sad to be back. It was great because we knew we had the option to eat something delicious, but it was sad because we knew our trip was about to end. In Lithuanian we drove to the Hill of Crosses memorial, which was two smallish hills absolutely covered with crosses. Allegedly it was a memorial for Polish and Lithuanian soldiers. It was really interesting, and a great experience , however they made us pay for parking in the middle of nowhere, and after we paid for parking at the emptiest part of the country we weren’t even allowed to use the bathroom for free. When I asked the boss-ish like lady if we could use the bathroom she said yes, for 50 Euro cent. She asked something like if I wanted to use the bathroom


  After that bittersweet experience at the border we were on our way to the capital city of Latvia; Riga. The drive was pretty uneventful, although we were driving on the coastal highway, it wasn’t the like the Californian highway 1 or highway 101, mostly because we were in Latvia, and also because the Californian road runs on solid rocks, however the East coast of the Baltic Sea is sandy, and this sandy coast continuously forms as the different currents moves them, hence they couldn’t route a highway right on the coast. Thankfully we did get some glimpses of the sea on our journey. It was almost three in the afternoon when we reached Riga, which was only problematic, because our accommodation didn’t have private parking and the later it got the less parking spaces were left. Our host was an old lady, thankfully she was one of the kinder ones, she was very welcoming, and extremely stressed about the parking, she was worried we were gonna get a fine. How nice of her?! Unfortunately she

Start of Our Evacuation

  So, yesterday was Sari’s last exam, which means the studying part of our Erasmus has came to an end, unfortunately not only the studying part is over, the whole Erasmus program is about to end! We even started packing yesterday… Sari’s exam was at noon, which is possibly the worst time to write a test, because you can’t even eat before the test which means your brain doesn’t necessarily have enough sugar to work. We were hungry and had no motivation to cook, and we were planning to go to IKEA anyways, so we decided to beat the traffic instead and have some good old IKEA vegetarian hotdogs. It was totally worth, we payed 14 zlotyi for a two meals. That simply doesn’t happen anywhere else. Then we walked around in IKEA God and Sari only knows what we were looking for, but we only found something I wanted for a long time. A doormat with ‘Dzien dobry’ sign on it.  mint isn’t it? When we got out of the store I hoped we were out of the woods, but then it turned out we still have to buy som